Summer in the Pacific North West

Si hay algo bello en el Pacific North West es el verano, no tan caluroso (aunque este año durante una semana batimos el record de temperatura) seco (una grandiosa novedad para alguien de Buenos Aires) y al menos donde vivimos: libre de mosquitos. ¿Qué más se puede pedir? Es una pregunta retórica no vale decirSigue leyendo «Summer in the Pacific North West»

Sweet home Chicago (Primera parte – First part)

Poco a poco empezamos a viajar nuevamente, todo es bastante diferente a como solía ser pero la alegría de volver a pisar un aeropuerto y subirse a un avión fue maravillosa. Hacía más de un año que no viajaba a una ciudad grande y la elección fue de las mejores hechas. Little by little weSigue leyendo «Sweet home Chicago (Primera parte – First part)»

Someone explain to me what the Panda Projects are!

When I started with the idea of having a blog, I wanted to write about traveling (in fact several of the articles were about that) to show different places and what had happened to me in each of them. Totally personal experiences, because different things resonate with each of us. 2020 was, as we allSigue leyendo «Someone explain to me what the Panda Projects are!»

I ❤❤ Walla Walla

One of my favorite activities is traveling. I love not only knowing new places, but also being able to talk with the people who live in them because that enriches my life and also always gives me the opportunity to learn something new. The pandemic, as we already know, greatly reduced the ability to moveSigue leyendo «I ❤❤ Walla Walla»

Small but rewarding adventures

Last week there was heavy snowfall across many parts of the United States and Washougal, Washington was no exception. For me it was the first time that I experienced a storm like the one we had … well, not only for me, I heard that something like this had not been experienced for 100 years,Sigue leyendo «Small but rewarding adventures»

Enjoying nature watching birds

Perhaps due to the pandemic or early retirement or a third and inexplicable reason 🙂 we began to be interested in birds. At first timidly putting some feeders on our deck and learning that different types of seeds attract different birds. The challenge remains to recognize who our guests are for breakfast and lunch 🙂Sigue leyendo «Enjoying nature watching birds»

Rudolph was not to be found

Maybe you were reading my previous posts so I’m going to tell you the end of this story and I couldn’t find Santa Claus or his star reindeer Rudolph, although I think I was never that close to doing so 🙂 However, I received a wonderful birthday and Christmas gift that was a visit fromSigue leyendo «Rudolph was not to be found»

In the footsteps of Rudolph

Trip to Mount Hood This is the first December that I am spending in the United States, in a normal year (and this obviosly is not one), at this time of the year, we would already be in Buenos Aires enjoying the spring. The difficult thing about the Pacific Norhwest in winter is that daylightSigue leyendo «In the footsteps of Rudolph»

Stop 2020, I want to get off

A little over a month ago we took a few days to get to know the Umpqua River area in the state of Oregon. It was a short but wonderful trip because the area is beautiful. Unfortunately it is one of the areas affected by the fires and where many people had to be evacuated. To this daySigue leyendo «Stop 2020, I want to get off»

A visit to the Olympic National Park

2020 has changed many of our normal activities and how we travel is one of them. In our case, we have decided to make short road trips that replace the one long one that we have been doing every year. These new trips need to be close to home and have some kind of campingSigue leyendo «A visit to the Olympic National Park»

Exploring Oregon: Coos Bay

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. The simple and «normal» things like to go to visit friends and by the way give them a hug, or just go out became complicated to do depending on where you are living. Something that we were used to doing was to travel and this blogSigue leyendo «Exploring Oregon: Coos Bay»

Vietnam and Cambodia (Last chapter)

Here I go with the last part of this unforgettable trip that we were lucky to do in February of this so unusual 2020. When the cruise ended, we were taken by minibus to Siem Reap, a city which is in itself interesting but also the closest place to the ruins of Angkor Wat, the most famousSigue leyendo «Vietnam and Cambodia (Last chapter)»

Some good news during bad times

This whole story started on a cold Sunday in July, 2012 with  Eleonora; yes, the one with surprises … I think that this was probably the first … She asked me if I could speak English because she wanted to give my contact info to an American coworker of Juan’s, her boyfriend at the time andSigue leyendo «Some good news during bad times»

Still exploring the flavors of Vietnam

Before concentrating again on the food tour, I want to tell you that a few days ago I received a surprise gift from one of my friends from Argentina. It’s not the first time that Eleonora has surprised me, and I think that doing it again will “leave me dry,” a rather old phrase thatSigue leyendo «Still exploring the flavors of Vietnam»

Flavors of Southeast Asia

I have been and still am a fan of Anthony Bourdain and his programs, in which he travels the world trying out different foods, some of which had never crossed my mind to try.  His program was really entertaining because, in addition to the food, he talked about the history of each place he visited.  Bourdain wasSigue leyendo «Flavors of Southeast Asia»

A little more from Cambodia

Before coming back to my trip I want to say that last week was a little hard for me, maybe because we had tickets to go to Buenos Aires at the beginning of April, and of course we couldn’t go; maybe because April 2nd is the anniversary of the Malvinas war, and this is aSigue leyendo «A little more from Cambodia»

Here we go again

Hi my friends, during the last week I have wanted to come back to my blog to continue with the trip in Asia. I opened a section called Misceláneas but it’s only in Rioplatense Spanish, with some expressions that are only understood in Argentina. Here’s a video from an American guy called Dustin Luke whoSigue leyendo «Here we go again»

The Asia trip continues

Before starting with tales about the trip I want to share something that I have been thinking during the whole week, related to the coronavirus. It crossed my mind that I could be kind of shallow if I spent my time writing about trips and seemed not to be concerned about this big topic (I’mSigue leyendo «The Asia trip continues»

Discovering Asia

The trip that we took to Vietnam and Cambodia imparted many life lessons;  I enjoyed it especially because I wasn’t really crazy about going there, even though that part of the world intrigued me, but these two countries were not the first on my list to visit.But when you are in a couple, decisions areSigue leyendo «Discovering Asia»