A life like in the movies

Happy Birthday, Panda

I had the idea to write this article to document everything that happened around this «movement» called Panda Projects which helped to stop and look more carefully at the things that were in front of my eyes and I was missing. I used to be running all the time, for a reason or other ISigue leyendo «Happy Birthday, Panda»

Spring is here

I think that in recent months I have told you several times how rainy and gray this area of the planet is. But it would not be fair not to tell how beautiful everything is around here when spring begins. The days magically (well it is not magic, it is that we are entering theSigue leyendo «Spring is here»

I ❤❤ Walla Walla

One of my favorite activities is traveling. I love not only knowing new places, but also being able to talk with the people who live in them because that enriches my life and also always gives me the opportunity to learn something new. The pandemic, as we already know, greatly reduced the ability to moveSigue leyendo «I ❤❤ Walla Walla»


Today is Friday and it is snowing in Washougal, WA which is where I live. For a week the weather forecast announced this snowfall, which is going to last all weekend and I was and still very excited. Snow for me is something different, something I experienced for the first time in my 50s andSigue leyendo «Philosophizing»

Flavors of Southeast Asia

I have been and still am a fan of Anthony Bourdain and his programs, in which he travels the world trying out different foods, some of which had never crossed my mind to try.  His program was really entertaining because, in addition to the food, he talked about the history of each place he visited.  Bourdain wasSigue leyendo «Flavors of Southeast Asia»

Here we go again

Hi my friends, during the last week I have wanted to come back to my blog to continue with the trip in Asia. I opened a section called Misceláneas but it’s only in Rioplatense Spanish, with some expressions that are only understood in Argentina. Here’s a video from an American guy called Dustin Luke whoSigue leyendo «Here we go again»

Strange days

Hi everybody, I had resolved for the new year to start rewriting my blog about my trips and living in the northwest of the United States. The idea has been to share stories in a funny and entertaining way.I had thought to post a new article every week as a kind of routine in mySigue leyendo «Strange days»

The Asia trip continues

Before starting with tales about the trip I want to share something that I have been thinking during the whole week, related to the coronavirus. It crossed my mind that I could be kind of shallow if I spent my time writing about trips and seemed not to be concerned about this big topic (I’mSigue leyendo «The Asia trip continues»

Discovering Asia

The trip that we took to Vietnam and Cambodia imparted many life lessons;  I enjoyed it especially because I wasn’t really crazy about going there, even though that part of the world intrigued me, but these two countries were not the first on my list to visit.But when you are in a couple, decisions areSigue leyendo «Discovering Asia»

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