Wellcome to my projects

Embrace the surprises in life

Something about me

My name is Laura, I am Argentinian and since 2016 I have been living in the Pacific North West area of the United States.

I am a Psychologist and for many years I dedicated myself to working with people. Since I came to live here I began to develop new personal interests such as improving some artistic skills and even encouraging myself to make this website, since managing technology is still extremely difficult for me… although obviously not impossible 🙂

What remains of my previous life, to call it somehow, is the desire to connect with people, to continue listening to what they have to say and also to learn new things and always renew my enthusiasm for what I do and for what is to come.

Thank you very much for joining me on this adventure and a tip: Always encourage yourself to do things that you like even if they seem difficult, it is never too late 🙂

Being present
I love to look at the sky

Skies and clouds!

Explore my artistic side


Life is a story

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